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The Priors Episode Eleven

When Sarah had stopped crying Kandy hugs her and asks if it to do with the death of there mother?

 "Well in part, yes! You know when mummy died after having you we all loved you so much but it was hard.Daddy was so sad and Rumi and I missed mummy so much although I was to young to understand much. Well, I suppose I never got over it? I just never wanted children I was so afraid I would die too! I don't know why but Neal and I just never talked about having a family? I thought Neal was not the type to want children and HE thought I was!"

 "Then when I found myself pregnant I was horrified but Neal was over the moon! I just did not know how to tell him how frightened I was? Then a couple of weeks later I lost the baby.... I was sad but oh, sooooo relieved!"

 Sarah sobs even harder her body racked with guilt

 " I know I'm a really horrid person! *sob*....I never wished the baby gone but I just..... don't think I could ever cope with giving birth!

 I knew by then how much Neal wanted a child so after the doctor gave me the all clear I just ran,and that's how I ended up at your place!"*SOB*

 Kandy reaches out and hugs Sarah

 "Oh, my god! Sarah, Neal loves you! I'm sure if you told him he would understand!"

"I hope so because I'm telling you, I just don't think I can go through that again!"

  With that both girls full silent neither knowing what to say!

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