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The Priors Episode Twelve

13th February 

It was the day before Neal was due home and Sarah was busy giving the house a spring clean!

Then a trip to  the supermarket to buy the ingredients for Neal's favourite meal

Sarah arrives home tired but happy. After putting the shopping away she goes upstairs for a nice relaxing bath and an early night as she needs to be up very early in the morning to collect Neal from the airport. It's only been ten days but she has really missed him.

 At the same time she feels a little apprehensive she knows Kandy's right she will have to tell Neal that she can never go through being pregnant again! That they will never have children of there own? All she can do is hope that Neal will give her the chance to explain it all....but then does she understand it all herself??

Sarah frowns as she climbs into bed 'Boy! What a mess!!!!!' she thinks as she turns out the light 

Kandy had asked if Sarah wanted her to stay that last night but Sarah said it was time for Kandy to go home and see Chris, who was now back from HIS trip delivering a boat to Spain (he's a boat builder) Chris was all Kandy could talk about yesterday and Sarah knew she had been missing him as much as Sarah was missing Neal.

It was only 6:30pm but Sarah was soon asleep! All that house work and shopping had exhausted her. Kandy had laughed at her and said she was nesting!!!!


 Sarah wakes with a sharp pain in her stomach. At first she thinks it's a mix of stress and excitement because Neal's coming home.She wonders if it could be food poisoning and thinks back over what she had eaten that day?......Nothing that could give food poisoning she decides!

 But the pains just get worse and she starts to panic. Sarah decides the best thing is for her to phone Kandy.... the pain is just unbelievable!

  'God, giving birth can't hurt THIS much!!!!!' Sarah thinks to herself through waves of pain

At Kandy and Chris's place they are both asleep when the phone rings, Chris answers the phone and Sarah asks for Kandy in a sort of high pitched voice.

Chris hands the phone to Kandy and palls a face mouthing to her "it's Sarah? she sounds strange?....I think we've been here before? I hope Neal's not been up to no good ....again!"

 Kandy give him 'the look' takes the phone and a minute later jumps out of bed and starts pulling on clothes

As soon as they are dressed and Kandy has located her purse 

 Kandy arrive twenty minutes later with Chris in tow. Sarah had given Kandy her own key so she lets herself in....

 "Sarah, where are you? Are you OK?" Kandy calls out as she takes the stairs two at a time

 She finds Sarah curled up on her bed

 " You look awful" Kandy's says rushing to the bed and putting her hand on Sarah's sweating forehead

 "thanks!" Sarah groans

Chris standing in the doorway looks across at Sarah on the bed

"I think you should go to hospital? I'm going to call an amberlance" he states matter of factly.

Kandy expected Sarah to protest but instead she just groaned and clutched her stomach


 The amberlance was there within five minutes. Chris had gone down to wait by the front door and when they come rushing in he directs then up stairs calling out to Kandy that the ambulance has arrived

 Kandy who was sitting on the side of Sarah's bed holding her hand gets up and walks to the bedroom door. The paramedic's enter the room and go over to Sarah lying on her bed.

 They ask a few questions and just as they say they will need to take her in....... the most embarrassing thing ever happens..... Sarah feels the sheets go wet

 " Oh, my god!!!!! I think I've just WET myself!!!!" Sarah screams and bursts into tears

 The paramedics exchange glances

"Is there any chance you might be pregnant?" one of them asks

"No! Well I can't see how I can be?" Sobs Sarah

"Would you mind if I exam you?" the paramedic asks with kindness in her voice.

Chris and Kandy leave the room so the paramedic can feel around Sarah's lower abdomen " Madam your in labor?" she tells an astonished Sarah.

 The paramedic gestures at her partner and they talk briefly the second paramedic turns to Sarah "we need to get you to hospital NOW!"

All Sarah can do is nod, she was in shock and paralysed with fear!

 Kandy stands in the doorway with Chris neither knowing what to do, and Chris not knowing where to look! He takes Kandy's hand and gives it a squeeze. Kandy had told him what Sarah had said and he knew how frightened BOTH girls were...... this was going to be a looooooong night!