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The Priors Episode Fifteen

About 3:30am 14th February

(After the birth)

"My baby? I can't here a cry...should she not be crying or something?" Sarah manages to say

Just then a snuffle noise and muwwww can be heard from the other side of the room

 There is an audible  sigh of relief around the room. The baby is wrapped in bubble wrap and whisked away

 A doctor comes over the Sarah

 "Hello my names Dr Peters. You have a daughter! She's a little small and because of her dramatic birth we are going to take her to SCBU ...our Special Care Baby Unit. I understand from Dr Walsh that we will be moving you too in a few minutes! Do you have any questions?"

 "Amm yes! About a million!!!!" Sarah manages a week smile

 Just then a nurse appears "Dr Peters they need you in SCBU and Mrs Hage's sister is asking for information!"

 "OK, tell Mrs Hage's sister she can see her when she's settled in her room. I'd better get to SCBU"

"yes, doctor" The nurse leaves the room where Kandy is waiting just outside

 "The doctor said you can see Mrs Hage when she's settled, it shouldn't be to long!"

"Is she OK? .....and the baby?"

 "Mrs Hage is fine, the baby is a little small they've taken her to SCBU the doctor can give you more details!...Is Mr Hage on his way?"

 "A girl? Sarah has a daughter?...I'm an auntie again .....Oh, Neal ...Mr Hage? boyfriend is collecting him from the airport. He should be here soon!"

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